Custom papercut ketubah

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Personalized Bar Mitzvah Hamsa

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240 Ketubah paper-cut Four Seasons

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Relaxed a fabulous arts residency for all of us together!. A papercut ketubah created just for you two Created for you from scratch by our World-Class artists We work closely with you to ensure it is % perfect for you.

We're thrilled to introduce another sculptural papercut ketubah design, THE MAGIC KETUBAH! Take a look at our little video and pictures below. You can click through to our gallery HERE for more images and information on the new design. Traditionally, the ketubah (sometimes spelled ketuba, katuba, ketubbah, and katubah) is a signed, Jewish marriage contract, but these days ketubot (the plural form of ketubah) are also meaningful, personal works of art to celebrate your wedding!

Take in the personalized ketubah and wedding certificate framing/frame options from AmpersandMade - personalized to preserve your story. Every product from AmpersandMade is created to order, by hand, with love, for you in NJ.

At Custom Ketubah I create art for all marriages, whether it be a Jewish wedding, interfaith, or non-demoninational, or a special anniversary, that reflects what you share as a couple—a special place, personal symbols, your favorite flowers, or even your pets (I love doing dog portraits!).

Unique & Elegant Ketubahs & Calligraphy by

Custom Romance. We wanted a classic, formal event, but one where the party never stopped. We personally worked on every detail, from selecting the most amazing band to creating a menu based on our “healthy-eating habits” (we had quinoa instead of standard potatoes!).

A Papercut Ketubah. Our ketubah is papercut- so soft and elegant to.

Custom papercut ketubah
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