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Joseph 'Joey the Rat' Epstein

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Joseph 'Joey the Rat' Epstein

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Girl Meets High School Part One I Am Frankie Season 3 I Am Frankie Season 1 That's So Raven Volume 1 The Flash: The Complete First Season This is a GREAT show, and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is a Girl Meets World fan. The quality of the video was very good, and I will definitely be using Amazon Video for future purchases.

Jul 01,  · 'Boy Meets World' Reunion Ben Savage, Cast Discuss Series, New Spinoff - Duration: ABC News 1, views. In the episode Girl Meets Flaws (from the first season of Girl Meets World), there is an award named after him called the "Joseph T.R Epstein Confidence Award", the T.R standing for "The Rat".

It is awarded to Farkle, son of Stuart Minkus, whose last appearance in Boy. Sep 26,  · Maya attempts to mock Lucas however his response is epic! Watch Girl Meets World on Disney Channel and visit the website at: Mrs. Ducksberry is Auggie's former first grade teacher in Girl Meets World.

Known Students Auggie Matthews, Jenny Lewis, Dominic Falcone, Ava Morgenstern, Emma Weathersby, Dewey, Frankie Big Hands Mrs. Ducksberry is Auggie's former first grade teacher in Girl Meets residence-du-pelam.comtion: Elementary School Teacher.

Farkle Minkus is a main character in Girl Meets World. He is the son of Stuart Minkus and Jennifer Bassett from Boy Meets World, and a best friend of Riley Matthews, Maya Hart, Nickname(s): Farky, Dr. Farklestein, Farkle the Genius, Detective Coffeecake (by Maya), Flankle, Farkley (by Riley), Dr.

Turtleneck (by Cory), The Farkle (by Katy), Mr. Farkle (by Yogi), Robot (by Eric), Donnie Barnes, Batman (by himself), Hunk, Dearest, Dearest One, Honeybucket, Beloved, Honey (by Isadora).

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