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Difference Between Excel Worksheet & Workbook

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Microsoft Excelalong with the other products in the Microsoft Office suite, introduced new file formats. The first of these .xlsx) is defined in the Office Open XML (OOXML) specification.


A key concept of Microsoft Excel is the difference between a worksheet and a workbook. computer image by from Sep 25,  · You save an Excel workbook to a network drive on which you have restricted permissions.

You save an Excel workbook to a location that does not have sufficient drive space. The connection to the Excel workbook is lost. There is a conflict with an antivirus software program. You save an Excel workbook that is shared.

How to use shared workbooks with different versions of Excel

Close a Workbook. To close a workbook (and Excel), click the upper right X. If you have multiple workbooks open, clicking the upper right X closes the active workbook. Create a New Workbook. Sometimes you want to start all over again. Apr 15,  · Hey people, I am working on a Word macro that must select a specific range in an Excel Workbook to use this range as reference inside the Word macro.

I was able to make the macro work, the only problem is that the Excel Workbook is already opened (and it must stay like that), and the code that I got always open the workbook again. Apr 19,  · residence-du-pelam.comok(workbook as binary, optional useHeaders as nullable logical, optional delayTypes as nullable logical) as table About Returns a table representing sheets in the given excel workbook.

Microsoft excel workbook
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