Polio slogan in india

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Close the Immunization Gap

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Reach and Recall Study of the Mass Media Campaign for Intensified Pulse Polio Immunisation

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Polio Eradication Slogans Of India

Some the situation was jotting than that of Western U P. Nov 26,  · Yahoo India Answers i need slogans on polio campaign.

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Slogans on polio campaign?

Apr 03,  · In when YUKTA MUKHI came to Sagar (a district of M.P.,INDIA), She participated in a Pulse Polio Campaign on the request of district administration and. MORADABAD, India, 8 June – For year-old Paro, it’s a momentous day. She’s the proud leader of the ‘Bulawa Toli’, a group of children who run from house to house, lane to lane, blowing whistles and shouting slogans to herald the arrival of polio vaccinators in their community.

“Ghazi Baba Zindabad” – the slogan fills the air with the collective energy of thousands of people. Soon after, a voice crackles on the public address system. “The management of the dargah requests that your children below five years are vaccinated against polio.”. In India the last polio case was recorded on 13 January India maintains a sensitive surveillance system for polio.

All cases of paralysis. Apr 25,  · Yahoo India Answers English slogans on polio? Follow. 3 answers 3. Report Abuse.

Govt launches pulse polio programme for 2018

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Polio Eradication Slogans In Hindi Polio slogan in india
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The Hindu : It is now `polio Sunday'