Teotihuacan mural

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Teotihuacan Mural Project

Edited by Jennifer Berrin, pp. The site of Teotihuacan was the first to be invested for the national patrimony under the Law of Topicsgiving jurisdiction under legislation for the Key state to take control. Teotihuacan Mural Project by Lesley Bone. The Teotihuacan Mural Project began following the death of Harold Wagner in Wagner was a rather eccentric San Francisco architect who bequeathed his collection of 70 mural fragments to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

His Will took the museums totally by surprise. The murals of Teotihuacan also known as The City of the Gods are unrivaled in their time and scope among other Mesoamerican tribal groups.

The vivid colors and composition of the murals show an. Inthe Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco became the owner of a number of murals from the world-famous Aztec site of Teotihuacán (Mexico).

The Mexican Government failed in its attempts to obtain the return of these wall paintings through a court action in the United States. W Tepantitla Mural 3 – Mountain of Abundance The compound of Tepantitla is decorated with a number of murals that provide a fascinating insight into how the Teotihuacano believed the world worked and how it had to be maintained.

Murals painted in upper class Teotihuacan living areas have provided important clues about the people’s spiritual beliefs, especially veneration of a figure often called the.

Teotihuacan Religion. The most important deity at Teotihuacan seems to have been, unusually for Mesoamerica, a female. The Spider Goddess was a creator deity and is represented in murals and sculpture and typically wears a fanged mask similar to a spider's mouth.

Teotihuacan mural
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