Tutorial on alligation

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Tutorial on Alligation

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Alligation or Mixture - Aptitude Questions and Answers

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Pharmacy Calculations Tutorial

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Alligation or Mixture - Aptitude Questions and Answers

This is the aptitude questions and answers section on "Alligation or Mixture" with detailed explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Problems of three difficulty levels are given with detailed solution Description, explanation, so that it becomes easy to grasp the fundamentals.

Here you would find a bespoke pharmacy calculations tutorial for almost every pharmacy calculations topic you would need to learn. Each pharmacy calculations tutorial demonstrates key steps in analyzing and understanding the question, developing the most effective and efficient approach to solving the question, solving the question and reflecting on the question and solution.

Pharmacy Math alligation Alligation Math. Here is a step-by-step example of a Pharmacy Math alligation. Question from Wayne in California: If a physician orders 25% dextrose mL and all you have is a Liter of 70% dextrose, how much 70% dextrose and how much sterile water will be used? Pharmacy Tech Math - Alligation tutorial.

Alligation math is a little known short-cut used by pharmacy techs and pharmacy students. It's also known popularly in pharmacy tech school as tic-tac-toe math.

Here's the next steps in how to work an alligation: (Cont'd from previous page).

Alligation or Mixtures - Aptitude test, questions, shortcuts, solved example videos

Pharmacy Math Alligation, sometimes referred to as tic-tac-toe math is used to determine solution dilution compounding. Pharmacy Tech Math - Alligation tutorial II By Ron Aylor, CPhT.

Why Alligation? It's typically more practical to dilute an existing known strength preparation than to compound a new preparation which may involve weighing. Alligation Math is a method of solving a slightly complicated algebra problem.

Sometimes it is called "Tic-Tac-Toe" math. It is highly recommended to know how to .

Tutorial on alligation
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Mixture and Alligation Methods shortcut tricks - Math Shortcut Tricks